A joint venture of Stef Vink and Volker Kaczinski. Improvisation, Compositions and musical meditations. Sweet Music for Deep Listening and
All -youCanDance-sm

All You can Dance

This concept album emerged from recorded bits of live performances I did for 5Rhythms, Soulwave, Movement medicine Workshops as well as „Yoga with Live music“ Sessions. Its organized in an energetic flow, that could easily be followed as a dance routine. [...]


CD-Beschreibung: Eine gelungene Fusion die zwischen Weltmusik, Jazz und Dance – Grooves zu Hause ist. Saxophone, Obertongesang, Flöten, Cello, Steelgitarre,Keyboards und gesampelte Rhythmen ( Grooves) Diese Musik lädt ein, sie in den verschiedensten [...]